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Understanding Professional Branding

Students entering the professional world discover that proper etiquette not only makes them look good, but also is fundamental for professional presentation and brand extension.

In this dynamic interactive presentation, you will:

• Discover the key to business introductions and responses that make a difference.
• Learn the unspoken rules of etiquette: Handshakes, Eye contact, Body language and more.
• Walk away with working techniques for remembering names.

Communication for Career Success

Position yourself for success by learning what the major corporations are calling the “survival tool” in professional communication.

Participants will discover:

• The intricacies of networking: Make a great first impression & a lasting one.
• How making genuine conversations and connections leads to success.
• Three must have skills that make you stand out at any networking event.

Learn to Conduct Business at Lunch

Confidence and poise in dining situations add to your professional presence and overall effectiveness when representing your business.

Participants will learn to:

• Properly extend or accept an invitation while understanding your role as host or guest.
• Feel comfortable in all aspects of dining etiquette.
• Understand different cultures and how to navigate the unfamiliar.

Building an Exceptional Professional Image That Gets Jobs

Professional image and presentation is all in the details!

In this interactive event, men and women will:

• Have more confidence as a professional with image, wardrobe and accessories.
• Learn the most common mistakes professionals make and how to avoid them.
• Realize and understand how business casual applies to you and your future.

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