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Adult Etiquette

Business Etiquette Articles:

blackberryBlackBerry Etiquette

Will You Put That Thing Down? from The San Diego Union Tribune

Having a BlackBerry does not make you more important than any other member of society. Use it with some common sense.


business cardBusiness Card Etiquette

Business Cards: A Lasting Impression from Shine from Yahoo

The business card is a lasting impression that is left behind after you are gone. You need to make it work for you.


business introductionsBusiness Introductions

Who You Know from Women's Online Magazine Los Angeles

Remember that the introduction is the first impression the other person has of you, so you should always be smiling.


Handshake EtiquetteHandshake Etiquette

The Handshake - It Speaks Volumes

Did you know your handshake speaks for you? Follow these handshake etiquette rules so your handshake will speak positively for you.


small talkSmalk Talk

Successful Small Talk from Women's Online Magazine Los Angeles

Successful small talk can influence how others perceive you. People tend to consider good conversationalists as more intelligent and confident than others. This is how you want to be remembered.


Dining Etiquette Articles:

tipjarTipping Etiquette

To Tip or Not To Tip from Women's Online Magazine Los Angeles

For most people, tipping can be awkward.  Not wanting to make a social faux pas, people stress about whether or not to tip and how much if any.


business dinnerTable Etiquette

Avoiding the Faux Pas at the Dinner Table from PRLog

Whether you are going to a family member’s house for holiday dinner or a dinner party with co-workers knowing basic table manners will help you get through any semi formal or formal affair.


Wedding Etiquette Articles:

engagement ringThe Perfect Engagement Ring

The Four C's from Articlesbase

If you will be making a trip to the jewelers here are some things to keep in mind about Diamonds and the Four C's.


Social Etiquette Articles:

HalloweenHalloween Etiquette

Trick-or-Treat Etiquette

Growing up, Halloween is one of the greatest days of the year. Following simple etiquette tips can help make this a great day for everyone.


American FlagFlag Etiquette

Proper Handling of the American Flag

The American flag is a national symbol that has specific rules for display, care and handling.


Etiquette Video

NBC News - Flip Flop Faux PasBusiness Fashion Etiquette

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Interviewed by Jane Wells about workplace fashion etiquette.



smart showTipping Etiquette

The Smart Show hosted by Henry Dittman

Discussed tipping etiquette while traveling.

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